• Apr 24, 2020

of Arney was helped by a happy occurence. More precisely, kind heart of one of the staff of the organization for lulling to slip of animals. The young guy to horror felt sorry for a dog, his once loving parents decided to give a dog on lulling to slip. Such abuse of authority could costs to the guy of career, but rates were high: life of the innocent pet. And the guy risked.

What happened to Arney? Алабай — one of the most ancient representatives of dogs of Asian origin is appreciated by all, first of all, power, fortress, nobility, courage, pride, tranquility and devotion.


К to a regret, such relation, alas, will not see Arney any more. Despite stateliness of the breed, his owners refused a dog because of uric incontinence. But such situations — the frequent phenomenon, as well as at the person. The slightest cold or some infection, unbalanced food and other reasons — will appear manifestations of this disease. But it is curable! It is just necessary to begin to treat.

And this treatment often takes place quickly enough. There is a strong feeling: incontinence can be the cause for lulling to slip only when owners already consciously made a choice will get rid of an animal, just looked for the slightest occasion that nobody doubted their decision and did not condemn them.

Unfortunately, now Arney is lonely and thrown, but, fortunately, he is alive and almost healthy. And this most important! Arney looks for attention and support from not indifferent. Such stressful situation still for a long time will remain in his memory, but he slowly is on the mend. Are sure, he still will show all the power and will become the excellent friend.

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