• Feb 20, 2019


Only thanks to the phone number specified by large figures on a collar, the dog later came back home one and a half months.

Babe it was lost at the end of December. Began to look for a dog at once. Owners and volunteers combed the area, stuck announcements, posted online posts about the gone friend …

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It seemed, everything is vain.

 dog, adresnik, cage, house Photo: instagram.com/givinghopefund

The thought that the dog more will not return any more came to mind and that is why: Babe – timid creation, for fear could bring her anywhere, and she could not ask the help for the person. The baby is afraid of people and would not approach strangers, kind of she was allured.

 dog, tramp, street, winter, snow Photo: instagram.com/givinghopefund

But nevertheless people helped to be Babe. Having noticed on a neck of a dog an adresnik, not indifferent photographed him. Having enlarged the image on the smartphone screen, considered the phone number specified on it.


It here in the wonderful way of Babe was.

 dog, person, hands, street, collar Photo: instagram.com/givinghopefund

And how many every day it is lost favourite house tails! Owners, do not hope on "perhaps", and better (just in case) present to pets adresnik. These small cards on collars can save from a big trouble once.

Care and protect the canine friends!

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