• Nov 20, 2018

"Can get a dog/cat?" – a frequent question of many children. The child promises to make everything for the sake of appearance of the pet, swears to look after him, despite of everything. But parents, in difference from children, can soberly assess a situation and present what problems can arise further, but not give in on children's arrangements so difficult. Not seldom parents after all give in to arrangements and, hoping for promises, buy a canine friend.

If the Child Asks to Get a Pet

What after all occurs further? What is concealed behind all requests and arrangements? Let's consider this situation.

First of all, it is worth to remember that at so early age the child is fully not able to represent himself future or the behavior further yet. Despite it, desire of the child to buy a pet will not become less, he can promise you anything, at everything at the same time he will be sincerely convinced that he will cope with everything if only it had a pet with whom it is possible to play. But nevertheless, neither you, nor the child does not know precisely whether he is capable to keep the promises.

If the Child Asks to Get a Pet

Is undoubted, there are children who cope with the promises, but if your child as a result is not ready to it, you have to realize that all care of an animal will lie on your shoulders. Whether you are ready to it? And what better to say to the child?

Generally the answer depends on whether you want to bring the pet and whether are ready to continuous care of it if the child violates the promise? Of course, if you love animals and it gives pleasure to you process of education of a puppy, care of it, then, undoubtedly, it will be the good idea. It is necessary to accustom the child to care of the new family member at once, to show as it is necessary and to give easy instructions that it did not complicate him but only awakened desire to make as it is possible better.

A if on the contrary, you are negative more to animals and not especially want to be spent and look after them, means with firmness, every time, speak to the child – "no".

Try to avoid the conflict with the child. It is necessary to accustom to responsibility for another gradually. Reproaches in this situation will not result in positive result, and more pet who appeared in your apartment against the will will suffer at this moment.

If the Child Asks to Get a Pet

It is possible to hold in the bosom of the family such game rehearsal as though in your house the small animal only appeared. Let's allow it it is possible to borrow from the friends and it is desirable not for the short term as the behavior of the child will fully not reveal.

To take an animal in the house, it is a serious step to responsible life of the kid, it can help in many respects it with formation of in society, is far more serious "to pay the life the" for someone, than for itself.

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