• Oct 9, 2019

The native of Tatarstan, today Ilgiz Fazulzyanov is the famous jeweler both in Russia, and beyond its limits. Without having professional education in jewelry, Ilgiz reached unknown heights in a profession. Today he is the only two-time winner of the International competition among jewelers: for a pendant "Bullfinches" and for earrings and a ring of "Butterfly". And also the winner of the Grand Prix of a competition of Gokhran for Crows ornament. Ilgiz is the first Russian jeweler since the time of Fabergé honored to expose the masterpieces in the Museums of the Moscow Kremlin. Five of its works were acquired for a constant jewelry collection.

Having started a career of the jeweler in far 1996, Ilgiz today – one of rare masters to whom art of work with hot enamel – difficult and whimsical material in work obeyed. All its handiwork therefore constantly grow in the price. Many became decoration of private collections.

At works of the jeweler many motives of flora and fauna are present. Ilgiz is often inspired by the nature therefore among his masterpieces it is possible to find products in the form of flowers, various birds and insects. Thanks to saturated flowers and close attention to details many works look as if live.

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