• Sep 4, 2018


Marina's family wanted to get a sheep-dog or a Dobermann terrier long ago. Could not choose in any way. But once in social nets the girl saw the photo of a dog of the mixed blood, almost Vane's mastiff, and the issue was resolved by itself.

For 6 months Vane already endured a lot of things. He behaved as the real hero, having shown improbable dog devotion in response to human ruthlessness.

Found a dog tied to a column on one of sites of country association. But when he was released, he so howled and cried that heart, appear, will become torn from intolerable pain of the dog betrayed by people. Oddly enough to leave from a hated column, the possible place of the death, Vane did not want at all. He trusted and waited: the owner will return. The dog did not know that his Person if it is possible to call so the being capable of such cruelty, left it there to die.

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photo: @shelter_tails

But after all there was a miracle. Vane was found, untied, brought to clinic. A dog processed from fleas, vaccinated. From an unfortunate shchenochk, he turned into handsome – almost a mastiff, with huge soft ears, almost the prince of the mixed blood.

Thanks to a set of posts in social nets with a call for help to the beautiful dog devoted and wise, Vane had a family. Summer he carried out in a country house with the huge site and spacious lawns. Vane had even own sofa! And it is surrounded with love and care round the clock. A marine, taking away a dog, said that in the country the family carries out the most part of year. But Vane will sometimes come also to the city.

photo: @shelter_tails

Is at new owners and two more alumnae are cats who not really friendly met at once Vane. He, the good girl, does not pay attention to them. The marine is sure: over time all will get used to each other and will surely make friends.

As it is great that there are such stories. We are sincerely glad for Vane who at last found the real family.

And nevertheless miracles happen! History of handsome Vane – to that confirmation. And there was this small miracle thanks to a great number of not indifferent people who as could, helped a dog to live, trust and wait. Carried thanks to all who took Vane on overexposure in a vetklinik, placed a photo and posts in social nets.

Thanks for this magic!!!


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