• Mar 16, 2020

each shelter, unfortunately, has the classification of lodgers. All tails are madly similar one to one, at least those sad stories thanks to which they get to such places.

The thrown or found animals it is conditionally possible to divide on only the healthy been born puppies at whom good chances to find family and the owner. On animal adults who for some reason were not wanted to be seen in the status of members of household any more. On those who feral were found on the street, but which need care of the person not less.


Есть and difficult cases when animals get in terminal state where there is a heap of the most difficult diseases where expensive operations and medicines are necessary, postoperative leaving and is a lot of forces on rehabilitation. And there are also those who just by a lucky chance aged or young got to a shelter, but for some reason did not find a kindred spirit in a human face.

Platon treats such type. The dog carried out all the adult life in a shelter. Nobody wanted to take it under the aegis. Platon, being already an old man, never learns more what is family, the house, heat, a cosiness, human caress what is the owner.


О it know only the most devoted to the business employees of a shelter and some volunteers. They with big kindness and awe every time, coming, pay a tribute to the old man. Know, there is nobody more. And to Platon pays them in the same. Respectable good-natured wagging of a tail, quick bark if carries.

Having looked at this dog, heart is covered with blood. Platon's fate is obvious to all, but nobody says it aloud: Platon is fated to remain for the rest of the natural thrown in a shelter. Besides in Platon a disease of eyes. The dog grew completely blind. Not only that he never knew happy dog life, he also never saw the world with own eyes. If you have a minute and more desire to brighten up Platon's old age, come to visit him. He is glad to any courtesy. This only thing that at it remained.

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