• Jan 16, 2020
Workers of the Nevada shelter for animals in the USA, unfortunately, are not surprised for a long time to

when they find at doors of foundlings. But this time the find just broke hearts to the people who found it.

Lise, the inspector in a shelter, and her colleagues, having come to work as morning, came across carrying for animals. In it there was some huge lump. "From everywhere only the got confused wool stuck out," — Lise told.

photo: boredpanda.com

Who it could be? Workers of a shelter at first assumed that it is a dog because, in general, dogs not so watch the appearance as cats. Carrying was opened. "We could not get it from it, the animal was in very uncomfortable position. Therefore we decided to cut off the top part of a cage. When we saw that it is a cat, not at once believed eyes. I never saw cats in such awful state," — Lise remembers.

The cat was a hostage of own wool, practically could not move under all these tangled layers. It was visible that from a lack of the movement he suffers from excessive weight. His last owner, most likely, just brought to him food and water directly under a nose.

"We right there took away it to the veterinarian where to it injected sedative drug. Then from it sheared about two kilograms of wool. We could fill with it a big garbage package completely."

photo: boredpanda.com

Unexpected freedom right there forced a cat to rise. Because of dreads which he on himself carried he was given the corresponding nickname – Bob Marley. "As soon as wool was sheared, he began to walk up and down everywhere. Stopped about a table and, probably thought that could jump there. And I thought: "No, the friend, will not turn out"."

Now Bob already lives in new family which will help it to lose excess weight and to leave behind memories of people, so shamelessly it thrown. At a ten-year-old cat ahead still all life. And what he was nice! Bob found to himself the loving hands literally for several days.

photo: boredpanda.com

The authorities of the district are engaged meanwhile in search of the previous owner of a cat which was imprinted on the surveillance camera at night when Bob appeared on a shelter porch. However, of course, he could be not the villain, but only the "messenger" who found the poor creature and brought it to rescue at all. Precisely it is difficult to tell. Lise, for example, has doubts concerning good intentions of this person: "If the animal is left at a shelter in time off, then, most likely, everything is not so simple. And it is not the so good person helping a poor animal. We very much would like to learn from where Bob. In the same house there can be also other animals in the same awful state."

Anyway, the truth will surely reveal. And now we can be glad only sincerely that Bob is happy, we love and is free from dreadful koltun.

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