• Jan 16, 2020

Altadena's Inhabitant, the State of California, Mark Hough, last Friday enjoyed in the sunny day near the pool in the yard of the house. The guy drank Margarita cocktail when he suddenly heard rustle in a green hedge and a crash of branches.

At first Mark did not take this noise seriously, having thought on squirrels or cats, but then sounds amplified. Mark stood up from a plank bed, peered at bushes and at this moment over bushes the figure of a powerful live bear rose.

Mark did not remember how quickly he appeared indoors, but when it was locked inside, through a window he saw how the bear leaves bushes and goes to that place where it lay and where still there was its glass with Margarita.

 a bear, a pet, the pool the subsequent a couple of hours the bear wholly enjoyed
B bathing in the pool with a jacuzzi, poured a glass with Margarita and pinched the drink remains from a table.
Mark shot an animal with the phone meanwhile, still staring in disbelief.

On an ear of a bear the red label so the bear probably came from the next wood was img src=" /upload/temp-content/uploads/posts/2018-07/1531213824_38.jpg". From there to houses of people raccoons and deer often go. Later the local sheriff confirmed that in police of the whole six times people called and reported about what was seen among houses of a bear, but the animal was not succeeded to find police.
having Much had a rest in Mark's yard, the bear finally left his garden and disappeared in the bottom of the street.  bear, pet, pool
, a wild animal, the pool

Mark after endured told that he "was forced to drink two more Margarita to recover" and that "Friday was very interesting".

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