• May 31, 2018

"A few days ago in a zoo of the Chinese city of Jinan the public for the first time could see five white tiger cubs who were born on April 2. White Bengalese tiger cubs are born seldom, and at once five healthy kids almost unique event at all.

to All tiger cubs were named in honor of the sacred mountains of China. They were also examined by veterinarians and found out that here four females and one male.
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It is curious that twins have an uneven coloring. At someone on a skin black strips are very accurately visible, and someone has them more pale.

Mother of quintuplets the 6-year-old white tigress Bing Bing who already brought earlier an issue became img src=" /upload/temp-content/uploads/posts/2018-05/1527755764_20.jpg". At first mother fed cubs itself, but after it executed month, workers of зоопарка. 
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White Bengalese tigers extremely seldom meet in the nature, and in zoos white tiger cubs can be born only when both parents bear in themselves a certain abnormal gene. At the same time generally in a dung no more than 1-2 tiger cubs, and at once five are born very seldom.

Because of the rare coloring white tigers are very popular in zoos and in circus performances.

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And you saw the most unusual colors of cats? "

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