• Jan 24, 2020

In Great Britain can ban fireworks because of their negative impact on pets and the environment.

The petition with the corresponding request collected in a week 200 thousand signatures at necessary 100 thousand. The government of the country will be to consider this application of citizens forcedly.

From the interviewed owners of pets of 73% report that their pets are afraid of fireworks. Generally they are frightened by the strong noise and bright light accompanying fireworks. Besides, salutes and petards do harm to the environment and wild animals. Also people suffer from them. Since 2010 in Great Britain 20 people died from fireworks. 10 more suffered serious injuries.

Annual expenses on salutes and petards make 12 million pounds. In this industry there are 200 constant jobs and 3000 seasonal. From this it is possible to draw a conclusion that the ban of fireworks will not strike serious blow to national economy.

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