• Jan 11, 2020

Labradudel Ozzie from the British town of Llandudno in the absence of owners pulled out from a mailbox an envelope with money and ate them together documentation, packing and a clip for notes. The pensioners Judith and Neil Wright who arrived home found in the house a disorder and signs of eating of notes for the sum of 160 pounds sterling.

of the Photo: bbc.com

Being afraid that unusual food will not do a dog good, pensioners brought Ozzie to the veterinarian. That for 130 pounds took from a stomach лабрадуделя everything eaten.

Then it became clear that a part of notes is damaged only on a half that allows to exchange in national bank of Great Britain them for new banknotes. What, actually, pensioners also made.

Owners of a dog cannot explain why she suddenly behaved it oddly. However in order to avoid further misunderstanding put the lock on a mailbox.

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