• Jan 14, 2020

In Great Britain the cat returned to the owner after accidentally went by the van to other city, on distance in 160 km from the former residence. The cat by the name of Tigr got into the automobile van when that stood near the house of its owner Jeffrey Otway in the city of Llangybi. The car driver did not notice a cat and passed to the destination to the city of Cardiff. There the cat also managed to get out of the car.

of the Photo: bbc.com

The eighty-four-year-old British who found loss of the pet tried to find it, having advertized on social networks. Being lonely, the elderly man very much became attached to a cat who too souls in it did not hope.

of the Photo: bbc.com

Fortunately, one of female residents of Cardiff paid attention to Tigr. She took away a cat to herself, and two weeks later saw the announcement of search of the missing of an animal on social networks. In view of old age of the owner Tigr, the lady herself brought to it a cat. That after the incident on a step does not depart from the owner, accompanying it even on kitchen for preparation of tea. Jeffrey Otway is very happy and grateful to not indifferent people who returned him a cat.

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