• Jan 24, 2020

In the British city of Stanford-le-Hope the dog provoked the fire in the house, having turned on the microwave with the packing of rolls lying in it. Fortunately, the owner managed to notice ignition in time, though was outdoors.

It was helped with it by the fire alarm and the special program for the mobile phone which allows to be aware far off of what occurs in the house, thanks to the installed video cameras. One of them also imprinted as the dog turns on the microwave. The fire alarm reacted to the ignition which followed after that. Quickly arrived staff of fire service managed to localize a flame in kitchen.

After these events they removed the special address in which they recommend not to store products in the microwave.

"Always you keep the microwave oven clean and do not allow finding in it of food and other objects. It is much easier for animals and children to turn on the microwave oven, than you think. It can lead to the fire", – the chief of local fire service Geoff Wheal notes in the message.

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