• Jan 15, 2020

Long time seemed that the highest achievement of progress in the sphere of entertainments are 3D - movies. However now in Japan there were zoos in which animal replaced … holograms!

The Leopard Lies a Photo

Photo: wikipedia.org

7D-projections "live" in these zoos instead of animals. They it is fantastically realistic recreate the smallest details not only appearance of animals, but also their habitat – and it is much better, than open-air cages to which we got used. Surprisingly the fact that not only visual images of animals, but also sounds and smells are reproduced. Thus the real feeling of immersion to the world of the wild nature is created.

In what the purpose of creation of similar zoos? There is a hope that new technologies will help to find an alternative to contents in bondage of wild animals.

By the way, similar technologies already take root not only in Japan, but also into the UAE.

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