• Sep 3, 2018


On September 1 unknown set fire to the house of the female resident of Kemerovo Anastasia. In it the private animals mini-shelter was placed.

Graf and Long's dogs, cats of Kuzya, Musya, Pusya, Compote alive burned down in the house which opened for them, the homeless, is once the doors. And thanks to a faithful dog of Grafushe the son of the foundress of a shelter Anastasia survived. Here so, to the last gasp, the dog remained is devoted to the hostess: at the cost of the life saved her child.

On a photo: Grafusha and Lunochka. Photo: instagram.com/mini_priut

"How to live without Grafukhi? It mine everything! As right hand or head. As I will live without it, I do not know — Anastasia cannot reconcile. – It remained there, under a bed where my son slept. He began a bark, and I rose upward. If not he, would be dead my child … What pain. Wild. Intolerable".

Many animals were saved by firefighters who arrived on a call almost instantly. Very carefully and carefully they took out cages with cats. For it Anastasia expresses them sincere gratitude.

Also investigators and experts worked at the place of ignition. The main version – an arson. Especially as the stranger before the fire was seen shortly by both neighbors, and Anastasia. As well as the car which long stood in fifty meters from the house …

Experts found two centers of ignition. "If we heated a copper, then it would be possible to say that the reason in a leaky pipe — Anastasia is sure. – But the copper did not burn since spring. And the first it flashed".

Anastasia's children, and them at her three, took away to themselves parents, several dogs were taken on overexposure by the girlfriend. The hostess with all cats lives in the car so far.

 burned down a shelter in Kemerovo

Photo: instagram.com/mini_priut

It is impossible to come into the house, the second floor can fall off at any time. And all money and documents what were in family remained in the burned-down house …

"I cannot believe that all this happens to me — Anastasia admits. – And it is necessary to feed with something cats, to pay a mortgage, to begin to sort a roof and the second floor … The younger child remained in one undershirt …"

Even it is difficult to present in what despair Anastasia stays now. "All my world failed. I do not know what will be tomorrow. Gloom. It is necessary to raise children, to feed animals …"

Anastasius the set of the encouraging messages, offers on the help comes. And in that situation in what there was this woman, any help superfluous will not be. It is valid: the small help does not happen, either it is, or it is absent. The main thing — not to remain indifferent.

On materials: of instagram.com/mini_priut "

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