• Jan 17, 2020

cat and dog

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According to one research, cats the thicket is given or find unlike dogs whom buy.

Data of poll of owners of pets speak about the following: dogs and cats get into families differently. Cats are generally given or found. And about 70% of owners of dogs admit that they bought the pets.

Dogs buy from manufacturers

This survey conducted by the French association of the help to pets of SantéVet shows that 69% of owners of dogs bought the pets. Cats buy only in 17% of cases. Murlyk find more often (27%) or give (55%).

Important reservation: the cost of a dog is on average twice more expensive, than cats. This fact is explained by the fact that puppies buy most often from manufacturers. And it is expensive!

Owners of cats most often, statistically, take animals from shelters or accept in a gift of kittens from acquaintances. Thus, people shelter that animals who really need it. Besides, it does not devastate a purse.

But, nevertheless, aelurophiles, it seems, were tired of such alternative: in 2019 only 33% from the interviewed people are ready to shelter at themselves a homeless animal. In 2018 such there were 53%.
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That is why dogs are loved more, than cats. And it is the facts which are scientifically confirmed! "

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