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On recently announced "plan of disposal of wreckers", inhabitants of one of the New Zealand small villages are forbidden to get cats.

Regional council in New Zealand came to such decision, pursuing a definite purpose – protection of the local animals who are traditionally living in the territory of the country.

"The plan of disposal of wreckers" obliges all owners to register the cats and to hem them special chips. And after the pet will die, it is not allowed to get a new cat any more.

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"It is impossible to tell that we hate cats — John Collins, the representative of the organization which is engaged in the embodiment of this idea in life says. – Just here not the place for cats is valid. And we would like to see a responsible attitude when business concerns pets."

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One of members of regional council confirmed that such step and the truth will lead to improvement of quality of the environment, in particular it will positively affect birds.

Amendments and offers to the plan of implementation of the project will be made until the end of October. However not everyone agrees with the decision of the authorities.

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Nicko, the female resident of the village enduring such changes told that she is absolutely shocked with the events and is going to be engaged in petition for the petition against "plan". Three of her cats, the girl claims, are the only solution of the problem of rodents in her area. "Without cat my house will turn practically into the place menacing to health," — she says.

Nicko compared the decision of the government to actions of "police state": "Here the speech even not about whether people can get to themselves a cat. They literally forbid to get him."

The plan for disposal of wreckers – the step offered in 2016 within the extensive program which purpose is the country free from any predators. Sense of these actions – to save New Zealand from all ever the imported "illocal" species of rats, ermines and opossums.

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The government counted that annual losses which are incurred by national economy because of the animals imported into the country reach 3.3 billion New Zealand dollars (that is equal to about 1.76 billion US dollars).

Cats were included in the list of wreckers as they do harm to the birds living in the region, hunting them.

Similar steps on disposal of cats are taken also by some other regions of the country, including the most densely populated city of New Zealand, Auckland where the project on which any cat without the hemmed chip noticed in the territory of the ecological and important place will be subject to euthanasia is under consideration.

The plan for disposal of the country of cats is paid much attention by one of candidates for the seat in the New Zealand parliament, Gareth Morgan for a long time. Such step is considered necessary to protect local types from animals from cats whom Morgan called "murderers by the nature".

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