• Jan 28, 2020

of the Cat take the second place on popularity degree among pets. At a time in Russia it is offered for sale or as a gift about 90 thousand individuals of this look. Their average price is 5250 rub. At the same time cats of breed the savanna most expensively are implemented. The top level of the prices of them reaches 800 thousand rubles

For comparison: cats of breed are in the second place karakt whose maximum cost – 470 thousand rubles. Closes top three servat with the maximum retail price of 400 thousand rubles for an individual.

For comparison: the most available in the market – cats of the European breed. Their price does not exceed 2 thousand rubles. After them at the prices enter the Norwegian forest and Turkish angora with the maximum level of the prices of 3 and 5 thousand rubles into the three of outsiders respectively.

It is possible to carry cats of breed to a mid-price segment an American curl whose price does not exceed 40 thousand rubles. Here it is possible to mention also cats of such breeds as the Nevsky maskaradny and Scottish lop-eared. The maximum level of the prices of them does not exceed 35 and 40 thousand rubles respectively.

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