• Apr 13, 2020

History of the Prince really epic, well matched to his noble and sublime nickname. The dog is about eight years old. During this time he learned and saw own eyes so many events that would be enough for couple of chapters of the good story. In its destiny there was everything.

We dare to assume that handsome Knyaz was born and grew quite happy dog. Till some time rendered it due leaving, but time changeable. The dog was found hardly live in the cold dense forest. At first the people passing by it were frightened: the animal walked on appearance on a hyena, the werewolf, a wolf or a wild novel animal. Brought down to pieces wool, the scared and at the same time aggressive look, a furious grin, and, above all — the terrifying leanness.


Пес hardly dragged paws. It was obvious that it is in such state long ago. Knyaz also forgot how healthy tasty food, a warm clean bed who such person and what place he takes in life of a dog as strongly it can help it and love looks. It seemed to the prince that pines and fir-trees, hemp and ravines — his only satellites. And berries and occasionally the caught insect or a field mouse — the last food with which he will be able to be content is also casual.

Despite aggression, the Prince it was decided to take away and help him to survive. It appeared not so simply. Besides the embittered relation to life and to people around, the dog had big problems with digestion. Found a disease at which food is badly acquired in it, it squeezes internals, the dog constantly wants to turn out food back, besides it is simply life-threatening. Any excess movement at meal is dangerous, is even deadly to it. The special diet, a liquid forage is prescribed the prince.


Но this worst in this story. The dog was put on legs! The combed-out dog fattened and happy with life looks perfectly. Sometimes he shows aggression to animals, character at him difficult. To get on with the Prince — a task for skillful and skilled owners of pets, large serious breeds. But the Prince has a kind noble heart. Once he made so beautiful and courageous act, than made all employees of a shelter cry. It cannot do even to people. And this daredevil could save the person!

On the next walk his tutor got into a huge ravine. To save the person in the deaf field there was nobody. Knyaz without shadow of doubts rushed to the help and by the force extended the person. He knows that it to be to one, to be helpless. Will not allow such Prince more, at least if the trouble concerns him and those who surround a dog. The good has to be with fists! It no wonder, the dog was devoted and thrown out to the forest. But wild conditions only tempered its character and taught to survive. We hope, this skill is not useful to it more. As well as we hope that heart of the Prince will thaw and will calm down in new family with the leading owner for whom Knyaz so waits to become it the best loyal friend.

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