• Dec 20, 2018

In the Kamchatka reserve found new animal species. Scientists revealed in this region of beings who did not live on the peninsula earlier. It is about several earlier unknown populations of Crustacea. their pioneer became Ekaterina Becker , Candidate of Biology, the employee of Institute of Ecology and evolution of Severtsov.

In the Kamchatka Reserve New Animal Species Are Found

is A little about the reserve

About the Kamchatka Reserve

the Kronotsky Biosphere Reserve of Kamchatka Krai is rich with numerous animals : brown bears, foxes, reindeers and so forth. In addition, different categories of birds live here, magnificent representatives of flora blossom. Also in the territory eight active volcanoes, a quantity of geysers, lakes, falls are located.

How new populations were found? Employees of the reserve tell, as turned out to find new species of Crustacea . Groups of forwarding agents collected special tests from all its area.

After conducting laboratory examination of the received materials three species of Crustacea were revealed. Vetvistousy crayfish are very small beings: the adult individual reaches 0.5 mm.

there Is a set of versions of the reasons of their emergence in this region:

  • global warming;
  • entering by the migrating birds;
  • origin in the area, suitable for such beings (reservoirs, the soil) and participation in natural activity (processing of remains of animals, the died plants and so forth).

Crustacea do not constitute danger to the person. Some species of crustaceans use with clay where they live, in the medical purposes.

Forecasts of scientists

According to scientists, on Kamchatka can also continue to find new populations. Due to the changeable climate on the continent, and also because of resettlement of fauna will appear:

Animals in the Kamchatka Reserve

  • microscopic insects;
  • small cancroid beings;
  • artificially removed little-known breeds of large animals;
  • the crossed plants.

That the nature of this edge did not die, the person should interfere. For this purpose create special laboratories for various researches, in all territory of the Kronotsky peninsula mount the protected objects, the cameras and also organize procedures for crossing of the live world.

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