• Jan 24, 2020

In the USA 42% of parents would not like to give to the child a pet. As much again fathers and mothers told that, perhaps, would make it. And is only one of six unambiguously ready to buy the child as a gift of the pet. This information contains in survey conducted by children's hospital of S.S. Mott and the University of Michigan. Interviewed 1700 parents who have at least one child aged from 5 up to 18 years.

Also in a research it is noted that the main reasons for which it is useful for children to have a pet are communication and joy. 63% of the interviewed parents adhere to such point of view. Another 57% of fathers and mothers consider that pets should be got to cultivate sense of responsibility at the child and to teach it to care and support relatives.

According to 39%, children should get pets gradually to impart them paternal feelings. And another 30% of parents believe that favourite pets will protect children and will teach to protect them.

"Some families consider that pets should be got to teach the child of responsibility, to develop in him valuable vital qualities, such as reliability, compassion and patience", – the head of an opinion poll doctor Dr. Gary Freed comments on a research.

At the same time he adds that purchase of the pet should not be impulsive. The family should consider carefully not only acquisition of an animal, but also his look, and even age. Parents have to be convinced that the animal corresponds to lifestyle of their family and that all members of household are prepared for appearance of the pet.

It should be noted that 62% of Americans refuse pets because of the forthcoming efforts. Another 55% do not want to bring the pet because of an allergy. Too high price pushes away 48% of families.

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