• Jan 11, 2020

the Sum awarded for compensation of moral harm in 10 times more the payment received for training.

In the USA the court obliged the trainer to pay 60 thousand dollars for a dog who died in the course of training. Money will be received by the former owner of a dog as compensation of moral costs.

of the Photo: napavalleyregister.com

As found out court, the trainer carried out in an inadequate way the professional duties from the Californian city of Antioch. The dogs transferred to it to training had no regular access to water and food. In food quality the crude and decaying chicken meat was often used. Though within the agreement on training the full-fledged factory forage had to be provided to dogs. A considerable part of the dogs who are on training show symptoms of a depression and have bad health.

The died dog was transferred to the trainer for several months. He had to give with her classes, for as earned from the owner a reward of 6 thousand dollars. The died German shepherd was called Gunnar. Her owner was Denise Swank.

Besides compensation payment, the trainer will appear before the court on a charge of animals abuse. As a release condition on the security to it forbade to be engaged in training.

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