• Aug 21, 2018


Accident occurred a few days ago in a mobile zoo of Ufa (Bashkortostan). The lion attacked the man from a back.

The victim – the 37-year-old worker of a zoo. Cleaning open-air cages, he forgot to close a lock in a cage with a predator. And was not to avoid a trouble — the animal snatched on the cleaner and several times slashed it with claws on a back. Fortunately, the man survived. With injuries he was brought to one of the Ufa hospitals.

 the lion in Ufa attacked the person

Physicians imposed seams and allowed to go home the patient. The man returned to the car about a mobile zoo, but shortly pains considerably amplified, and he addressed to clinic again.

Now nothing threatens health of the victim. Animal activists are sure that such incident could occur in any city of the world, and call: "Save animals and people — close cruel circus in the country!". Isn't it time to think that any circus and also zoos are no other than CRUELTY TO ANIMALS, the LIE to the AUDIENCE, CONCEALMENT of CRIMES?

We will remind, 4 years ago in Russia business "behind the circus scenes", the received world resonance and also business "about killer whales in tanks for Moskvarium at ENEA" was hushed up. How many still does have to suffer people and animals that an end was put to cruel shows?


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