• Feb 3, 2021

of the Step just now began to understand life, to show to it interest more precisely. Before its life was similar to hell. Stepa found half-dead. The dog was all in blood. A half of its left side of a body was cut off. Besides a trunk also all extremities of the pet were spoiled. Ruptures of ligaments and a wrist were found, the head is broken, the coxofemoral bone is broken.


Питомец was already just on the verge of death. It would hardly extend. Stepa was already practically a dead person and only by some miracle the pet was found in time. Its condition was estimated as extremely heavy. Doctors were afraid to undertake operating of such difficult injuries, but after all the belief and hope got the best.

As a result of the most difficult three-hour operation Stepa established a plate on one broken paw, another also managed to be restored. The area of injuries over the broken paws was extensive. Resorted to difficult and jewelry sewing together of fabrics. To the guy appointed continuous bandagings, surveys, X-rays, administration of drugs. This hard volume work bore fruits.


Парень which already also did not suspect even legs to deliver to figcaption id="caption-attachment-30739", survived, got out, and now beautiful and healthy can go into all four paws. Amputation managed to be avoided. Stepa himself also did not expect such result. once it lay on the crude earth all in a pool of own blood and with the sticking-out broken bones on paws, enduring an excruciating pain asked that his unfortunate life ended somewhat quicker. Now Stepa is even a little a shame with those thoughts though they also took place to be. But if desirable to them in that trouble it was carried out, Stepa any more would never learn what is happy life. We hope, only such at him will be in the future. Just now he began to recover. Incredibly courageous and patient, careful, tender, cheerful guy looks for the house!

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