• Aug 13, 2019

Animals – surprising creations. So surprising that often become similar to us, repeating our characteristic actions. But sometimes ours with them the partial similarity becomes the reason of misunderstanding and misunderstanding.

This doggie from China appeared the center of attention of the whole world after video with its participation got to the Internet. On it the little poodle of color of chocolate looks very shamed and confused while the owner strictly lectures it.

Video: Animal Antics

The public is convinced that the round upset eyes – sign of deep repentance, moreover, the kid, obviously, decided that the repentance will look it more convincing if he gets up on hinder legs.

Photo: smalljoys.tv

Actually scientists proved long ago, that dogs have no sense of guilt . And the fact that we take for repentance it is manifestations of fear and the aspiration to block threat from the owner.

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