• May 27, 2020

to the Foundling were surprised, are even discouraged. To throw out the baby the hand was not raised against the street, and the little puppy became a part of family of one elderly man. He called a puppy by a palm tree because the girl bore to the South Russian sheep-dog very a strong resemblance. And the man did not lose. Palma turned out really magnificent. The long rigid head of hear decorates Palma and distinguishes it from others.


Сейчас already almost three-year-old baby endures not the best period. All this time she lived with the birth, fondly believing that it at last found the house. But the owner — the aged man, is already not so strong and strong to look after himself. Yes he needs care. Therefore the kind person who once saved Palma from starvation decided to take care of the future of a dog and reported about it in a local shelter with the purpose to find it the new house.


Пальма — the young, healthy, sterilized dog. The cheerful, active, kind baby well gets on with dogs and cats, quickly accustoms, studies. By the way, couple of occupations developing discipline to the baby would not be prevented to facet this diamond to perfection for new family. Will carry to someone with Palma!

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