• Aug 13, 2019

Before animals just left on streets, now the situation changed: owners for "clarification" of conscience apply to the left animal a note with a request to shelter the unfortunate pet. Sometimes in a set there is even a forage.

cat, black-and-white cat, forage, cat in carryingфото:instagram.com/iv.lovecats

Таких cases a little: at one of entrances of Moscow the cat at whom problems with a jaw and teeth are with the naked eye visible was left. The black-and-white kid is very strongly scared, does not eat and obviously does not understand what occurs and why with him so managed.

Another котофея was left already at a threshold by vetklinik besides together with a note in which detailed instructions were specified how to look after red handsome.

cat, pet, cat with a note, a red cat photo: instagram.com/pet_by

Two cats, two different stories. One common feature — the notes left together with them.

So it? Desperate attempt to help the former favourite or a ridiculous way to be repaid somehow most?

there are More announcements of the animals needing the help, read on
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