• Apr 15, 2020

This baby without name and history fell into hands of volunteers accidentally, as well as hundreds of other dogs offended by destiny. The girl has neither name, nor the address, nor burning history. One is clear: the dog is accustomed to walking, focused on the person, knows several teams and with aspiration looks at a lead and a collar in hope to go to cheerful and long-awaited walk. Means, the baby once was under a careful wing of the person, but something happened to her, something improbable, something that played a dirty trick with it.

The dog was on street where on its way one hundred barriers, life-threatening meet every day. It can appear under wheels of reckless drivers, to be torn to pieces by other more feral dogs, at last, I can scoff at it especially cruel men. The dog can freeze, die of hunger, is deadly ache, get into a ravine and be injured, fall into hands of municipal services. A result of these options some — the inevitable death of an unfortunate animal.


К to happiness, to this girl was lucky slightly more than others. Now it is looked after by not indifferent volunteers. The dog to them got thanks to new world practice. The international program finds stray dogs, performs medical examination, will sterilize them and, hanging up labels in agreement with their safety for life of people, releases.

The activists who are watching closely the events with enviable regularity appropriate such here zakleymyonny animals for the guardianship in hope to find them the house. So happened also to this baby. Now on its ear the stamp which as if means "it is officially thrown" flaunts. One pleases — on an animal it is not reflected in any way. The dog is full of strength also enthusiasm, she is healthy and is not aggressive, tender and clever. The only thing — she dreams to remove inconvenient piece from an ear somewhat quicker, but the trifle — the loving house and family is for this purpose necessary.

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