• Aug 14, 2019

Some of us cannot present life without dog, others in panic are afraid even to allow in thoughts accommodation in one house with "terrible and awful, unpredictable" an animal. At the same time often mention "potentially dangerous breeds of dog".

 Carefully: dog! photo

"potentially dangerous breeds" of dogs are So dangerous?

The list of potentially dangerous breeds of dog exists and is approved by the Ministry of Agriculture (The resolution of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Republic of Belarus on December 21, 2001 No. 40). However it is worth looking at it closer, and at once there are many questions.

For example on what sign breeds were chosen? Why there is a German shepherd, but there is no Belgian? Why included the American Staffordshire terrier and a bull terrier – breeds in which aggression to the person is considered the most severe marriage — and did not include the American bulldog – the quite good security guard and the bodyguard?

However, there are also other strangenesses. It is no wonder that ordinary citizens look for on the Internet of nonexistent dogs . Legislators not just found them, but also labeled "especially dangerous".

Who such walnut sheep-dog? Greek – is (the truth whether somebody saw it in Belarus, it is unknown), and walnut does not exist.

Kape Corso is, probably, a pseudonym to Cana corso?

Under Vladek Roshina's Dobermann terrier, perhaps, meant the pet Romanian aristocrat Vlad the Impaler better known as the count Dracula?

 Carefully: dog!

On a photo: Probably, Vladek Roshina's Dobermann terrier quite so has to look

Whether at least one person in reality saw Daufman's sheep-dog?

The supermastiff is the mutating superman who ran away from Frankenstein's laboratory?

And yoga the hybrid with maykongy is a canine friend of the master Yoda?

It is strange that the Three-headed Cerberus, Anubis and The Hound of the Baskervilles were not included in the list. Without these mythical beings he seems not absolutely full.

 Carefully: dog

In the list of potentially dangerous breeds there is obviously not enough The Hound of the Baskervilles. What zubishch!

And any dog, irrespective of breed can bite. Eventually, all have teeth. Whether it will do it – other question, and the answer to it depends on the owner and surrounding people more, than on the dog. Not for nothing it is sung in a song: "The dog is biting only from life dog".

the Size matters

My own experience, experience of a great number of clients and just familiar proves: the dog can safely and comfortably live in family, including with children. It is necessary to choose only correctly a canine friend, competently to bring up him and to teach children to interaction elements with the pet.

As it is paradoxical, small doggies bite people much more often than big. And to it there is an explanation.

 Little dogs bite more often than big

On a photo: Little dogs use teeth more often, than their large relatives

First, tiny creations feel more vulnerable – surround them Gullivera whom it is possible to cripple a crumb! And therefore if the Newfoundland dog will suffer a tiskanye from the five-year-old child, without seeing in it threat for himself, then it will be simple to chihuahua to be afraid for the life – and is absolutely justified.

Secondly, tiny dogs often do not warn that they are going to bite, and it can happen unexpectedly. Not because they are artful by nature but because they learned by bitter experience: all preventions are senseless. And if to growl, for example, of a German shepherd people, most likely, listen, then growl of a Yorkshire terrier causes affection more often: "Ah, he tries to seem big and brave! Prunes and prisms!"

So, strangely enough, communication with big dogs often much more safely, than with small.

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