• Nov 15, 2018

Likely, each family where there are no pets, but is children, faces a difficult choice of parents: to refuse to the child the favourite or to give in and agree. To refuse happens not and simply, on all arguments of parents that it is heavy responsibility and that with a doggie it is necessary to walk, to clean after a cat, to a birdie to clean a cage – children immediately answer with the full consent and acceptance of duties. Children are ready for everything if only to receive the little friend.

Whether It Is Worth Giving in on Arrangements of the Child and to Get a Pet

At parents of rather new resident in the house absolutely other thoughts. On the one hand, they were children too and too asked a puppy or a kitten, on the other hand, fathers and mothers have no confidence that the child will execute all that promises and that over time care and education of the pet will not lay down on their shoulders.

Whether It Is Worth Giving in on Arrangements of the Child and to Get a Pet

Parents know what except entertainments and communication with the representative of the nature which, certainly, is very useful and has a positive impact on development, there is also a number of essential minuses, namely: the spoiled expensive wall-paper and doors, obgryzenny footwear, wool and garbage on corners, daily cares on cleaning, a vygulka and feeding of the new family member.

As is correct to consider all minuses and pluses, not to offend the child and vice versa to teach him to responsibility for the desires and promises.

It is necessary to consider that very little children aged up to 4-5 years should not bring the pet as so far they are too small therefore about any responsibility for other living beings and speeches cannot be.

At the age of 6-7 years when the child already attends school when the child feels that he becomes gradually independent and appears aspiration about someone to care and be on friendly terms, it is already possible to think of satisfaction of a request for the pet.

Whether It Is Worth Giving in on Arrangements of the Child and to Get a Pet

Especially as the kid can already take the responsibility. Of course, not full responsibility, of course, with reservations, but can.

What there are pluses of appearance of a pet for the child:

  • the child is not lonely at home if you work hard and late come back, to him always is to whom to play and communicate;
  • the child learns to think not only of the interests and desires, understanding of responsibility, control and planning of the actions and understanding of consequences comes;
  • the child has sincere feelings of love, compassion and own importance in life of weaker being, and it develops the spiritual beginning;
  • communication with animals has beneficial effect on development of the child;
  • the child gains experience and knowledge of that species of an animal who it has therefore often becomes the expert;
  • the pet and care of it distracts the child from the TV, smartphones and tablets.

And, certainly, minuses of presence of a pet:

  • the allergy at the kid or other family members can be shown;
  • whatever one may do, but animals are a source of an infection;
  • emergence of a smell of an animal in the apartment is possible, there is nobody a disorder and new sounds (bark, peep, chirping and other);
  • the child and members of household can get injuries and stings;
  • emergence of additional expenditure (forage, veterinary service, animals accessories and other);
  • the animal can die that will cause a trauma to the child.

Whether It Is Worth Giving in on Arrangements of the Child and to Get a Pet

Now when all pluses and minuses are clear, everything it is necessary to weigh and make properly the right decision, it is worth to remember the truth: "we are responsible for those who were tamed".

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