• Jan 15, 2020

Employees of furniture hypermarket to Italy turned shop into the vacation spot for dogs who have no place to go to time of a heavy rain more.

, dog, homeless animal, IKEA


All this time the shop was open and accepted visitors who were surprised and photographed the dogs sleeping on all center.

One of customers, Tachiya posted on the Internet video with two of four-footed visitors of shop. Since then it was looked already by more than one million times.

Video: Đặ ng Thoa/youtube

She says:

"It was absolutely unexpected, not every day will see it. Dogs are daily fed and the staff of shop and its visitors care for them. There were even several cases when dogs were taken away home".

 dog, animal, homeless animal, pet, IKEA

photo: gscalone82/instagram

It is joyful to read such news, it is difficult to present this situation in our realities, at us with dogs and furthermore dogs almost everywhere have enough. But all of us know that helping and saving others, we help ourselves.

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