• Mar 23, 2020

appears In many countries of the world a quarantine. It means that to people quite long time needs to be spent at home, sometimes even on the street it is possible to leave by special passes. And at what here dogs?

The Dog Sleeps in a Bed with the Person of a Photo
of the Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

Dogs have to all this direct relation. For example, in Italy people learn at which of neighbors there is a dog, and ask for permission to walk her to have an occasion and opportunity at least for a while to leave the house and to warm up. To owners of dogs it is authorized to come for walk with the pet. Whether it is useful to walk for a dog with strangers, big question. And we now not about it.

And if you already have the dog? And, perhaps, earlier because of employment at work and in general very much the rich life not quite was enough for it time? Now it is a high time to change situation!

Why not to hold a quarantine with advantage and not to devote this time to occupations with a canine friend?

And as the nobility – it is possible, you you will be involved, and then you will begin to find for the pet slightly more time on regular to basis.

If decide, you will be come to the rescue by our videocourses on education and training of dogs by humane methods!

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