• Jan 15, 2020

When Dan took away the pet from a shelter, the cat was very silent and was afraid of everything. Besides he seriously was ill. However it was only worth combing him and to give necessary drugs as it right there zamurlykat enough.

After comb-out the cat got on hands to the new hostess – Dan's wife, – embraced her pads and did not want to release. New owners called the pet of "Hug".

 Kot and the person embrace each other

Photo: lovemeow.com

Owners even bought a children's bag kangaroo to carry a cat as the small child. Very useful acquisition if the pet, meeting you from work, tychtsya by pads in a request to lift it and to press to itself.

The cat adores embracing owners and constantly purrs: when he is ironed, carried, even during sleep! Dan with the wife wake up not on the alarm clock now, and under purring on an ear.

The happy cat perfectly got accustomed, gets on with other pets, is almost not ill, well eats and sleeps.

 the Red cat lies on a photo bed

Photo: lovemeow.com

It is unknown what was his life before moving to this house, but in one owners are sure precisely: further a cat waits only for love and many hugs.

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