• Oct 29, 2018

"Get acquainted with Ozzie, a cat in whom the unusual addiction to peaches was found!

No, you do not think, he does not eat them at all. He embraces them.

The Internet learned about unusual love of Ozzie from the daughter of his owners who posted several photos and under them wrote:
"Kot of my parents without any obvious reason adores peaches. And it well is very lovely! They constantly send to a family chat of the photo where he has a rest near fruit. And it is unambiguously the most important messages which I receive in a day".

She adds:

Unfortunately, Call Him not a Peach, and Ozzie.
Лидия assumes that Ozzie so loves peaches and with pleasure lies on them and near them because fruit nice on the touch and fluffy.

Of course, Ozzie will see off with fruit not all the time, he also very sociable also adores luxuriating on the sun (even when there are no peaches nearby).

And your cat has strange addictions?

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