• Jan 23, 2020

In Great Britain the cat later after the disappearance returned 9 years to the hostess. The surprising case occurred in the town of Leicester.

At British Victoria Roberts two kittens from one dung lived. It was for 3 months when one of them was hit by the car, and the second kitten who was nearby was gone.

However 9 years of the survived Spike's cat later were found in 16 km from the house in the town Shepshed. All this time he lived there in the status of "the city tramp" who was fed up by all districts. The cat on the microchip was identified by employees of one of the charitable organizations which are taking care of animals.

They found out that the hostess Spayka is alive, and returned her a cat. That had a quite good state of health – no medical care was required, except treatment of an eye infection. Whether it is worth saying that the pet was accepted back with open embraces.

Victoria Roberts considers that Spayka was taken away by car from the place of road accident, but then for some reason decided to release from prison again. Thanks to happy combination of circumstances he could live on the street of the whole 9 years in only 16 km from a home.

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