• May 5, 2020

All those who have country houses and seasonal dachas got used that around the territory hour of an hour homeless animals wander. Sometimes some homeless children give birth to others, and this chain proceeds for years. And sometimes careless owners decide to get rid of pets and just throw kids on private territories.


Они to hope that some old woman will take and also the shelter of tails will take pity on them. It is good if homeless children in the future find new family. But most often their destiny — to live in the abandoned sheds, on attics or in closets, selecting leftovers of those who come to the private possession for the weekend.

One of such stories about this kitten. He was thrown out by the owners. Its collar, well-groomed appearance, a healthy constitution allowed to define that the cat was domestic. Tail, most likely, Thai breed. Perfectly goes to a tray, likes to take a bath and absolutely sociable. The kid was beaten to one of houses of the private sector and asked about the help from a door all night long. For some time it was even let in the house and fed. But it was only the advance payment, people did not want to retain an animal. They, in principle, have full authority to it.


Сейчас the kid continues to look for a haven in the same housing estate. Probably, not for long he will need to wander, the domestic cat is not adapted to street life at all, it will not be able to protect itself(himself). About it volunteers were reported by the neighbor of people, rejected a fluffy. The kid is ready to become a part of family, it oh as is necessary for him.

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