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The Cat Sucks a Blanket What It Would Mean? your cat tries to nurse himself, a blanket or other objects? Whether it is worth worrying?

Your cat tramples down a blanket or sucks wool? Such gentle attitude of the pet towards itself and other objects can be absolutely normal … or not. Let's understand.

When in my house little Carson, a cat of breed kornish-red appeared, he was only 4 months old from a sort. It was the lovely and gentle kitten, but sometimes strange behaved: He sucked own breast and a stomach as a rule in those situations when as it seemed, it has to have calmed itself, especially often it was felt when he got used to the new house. I asked about it the veterinarian and the doctor told that probably Carson too was early torn off from mother. He advised me to watch attentively the kid to be sure that Carson did not lick himself till it bleeds or on his skin the irritation did not appear. In our case the most dangerous moment was that cat hair on breasts and tummies as a result of such leaving constantly was damp. So, what the behavior and whether it is worth worrying at its manifestation is? Let's look more attentively:

The Cat Sucks a Blanket What It Would Mean?

wool Sucking

Yes, quite so this habit of Carson is also called – "to suck wool", and the kittens suffering from this syndrome can suck other objects, for example, of a sweater or blankets (everything, reminding wool), however well there are also tapes, fabrics, up to carpets. The kitten can suck even himself (as Carson did) or a tail of other animal. Usually similar behavior shows that the pet too early was torn off from mother. So Marilyn Krieger, the certified consultant for behavior of cats considers.

"But there can be also other reasons of this behavior," – she says. "The alarm and a stress can become the catalyst of desire to suck wool. It can be also sudden changes, new pets or a visit of neighbour's cats." There are some more possible reasons: it is too much animals in the house, leaving of the family member (including a divorce or moving of the younger generation).

do not worry: However as my veterinarian concerning Carson told, the cat thus nursing himself will hardly do to himself harm. Krieger claims that the majority of cats outgrow this behavior in itself.

"The majority of cats give up this habit when pass to firm food," – she says. "Kittens have to be with mother at least of 12 weeks after the birth. They can also behave and with mother cat, but in this case outgrow this period quicker."

Be on the lookout: the Habit suck wool can lead, nevertheless, to more serious consequences if the cat transfers it to other objects of artificial origin. "There is a danger that the animal will swallow substance and it will become the reason of blockade of a gullet", – Krieger says. She urges owners of cats to be especially attentive with young individuals aged about one year.

"It is important to understand the reasons of such behavior why the pet tries to calm himself", – the consultant explains. "The animal has to be surely shown to the veterinarian. And, though the behavior discussed today is not dangerous to cats, it is important to understand and define the stress reason. Besides knowing true prerequisites, people can improve quality of life of the pets considerably." At the same time Krieger warns that it is impossible violently to try to force to stop sucking a cat wool. "It will be still a big stress for an animal," – she adds.

The Cat Sucks a Blanket What It Would Mean?


It is one more type of the cat's behavior which is a little beaten out from an ordinary routine. In our house, trample we call "котейкин dance", from outside it seems that the pet works a pas in the tango. The most experienced dancer nevertheless at us shows the nine-year-old fat man Jack – a red cat who regularly shows the skill on pillows or a sofa before taking a nap.

Krieger says that trample often is followed by a posasyvaniye of wool and licking of own fur that gives to an animal calm and feeling of comfort. For example, this process reminds kittens feeding by mother's milk.

"Wild fellows of the pets living in our house often mark time where they plan to sleep, it is visible so they prepare for themselves a soft surface," – the expert adds. "One of theories also claims that being trampled down, cats mark the territory. Glands of secretion are also on small pillows of their paws. In process, glands are activated and there is an enzyme secretion."

do not worry: Trample generally shows that the cat is happy and many pets show the pleasure thus throughout all the house life. And actually, being trampled down, cats almost always purr even if all four paws are involved in this rhythmical act.

It is worth being on the lookout (but it concerns a kotovladelets more!): For many cats master's knees are associated with happiness therefore they can quite begin to be trampled down there, showing as to them it is good near their people. And than more happily yours a murlyka, especially strongly he can show the teeth so be careful – kind of in a love rush it did not wound you!

Stacy Hackett | on December 12, 2017

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