• Jul 9, 2020

Who would know that this story will have a happy end! This being once was a favourite pet of the owner. Grew and enjoyed life, kept the good company, endured joyful and not really the moments near the best friend — the person.

But years went, and time took away forces from both. The owner of the pet lost skill, health began to fail him, forces were not enough for the pet at all. His man placed in the shed and with the last bit of strength came and visited, fed, talked, consoled and spent time together. So several long years proceeded. And then forgot about an animal at all. It was threatened by inevitable death if not one abandoned shed of people which accidentally entered in.


Очевидец right there called physicians because from a pet there is no trace left also. It resembled some wild novel and terribly frightening animal. From such picture even worldly-wise physicians were surprised. As it appeared, it was the cat. But behind kilograms of the dirty decaying wool which the cat dragged for himself was not to distinguish a fluffy.

the Breed of a cat provided a periodic hairstyle of the grown wool. On it the owner had no forces. He started a cat so that that could not move because of the lump which got off in two kilograms any more. Several hours cut off it, washed an animal, combed out from skin parasites. After Sindbab, so called the poor fellow, put in order, defined the pet in a shelter.


Малыш age and because of long stay in a motionless state ceased to move fully. It needs support and long rehabilitation. But he was not late in a shelter, despite problems. Sindbad so was pleasant to one daredevil that that later some couple of days after the announcement of a find of visors of the kid to. The tail is happy, full, a house tail! Are glad for Sindbab, we wish to each thrown tail to find the house!

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