• Oct 2, 2018


Australia does not cease to surprise! Quite recently the labrador retriever by nickname Asha from the small Australian city surprised the hostess well with very unusual surprise what can hardly be expected from a dog in any other region of the world.

photo: boredpanda.com

For a start, the small fact – temperature in this part of Australia to ponocha and early mornings falls up to 5 degrees. And not so each animal living there can brag of same warm "fur coat" as Asha.

photo: boredpanda.com

Carrey, the mistress of a Labrador, tells:

"Was still absolutely early, and the husband called me on the street to look at something. At first I did not understand what quite so interested him, but then suddenly saw the little koala who strong nestled on Asha's back".

Kerry admits that she supported heroism of a dog not at once:

"I burst out laughing to tears. Did not understand Asha at all that occurs, and it is simply lost and confusedly looked at me. She looked a little guilty, and this expression of her muzzle was invaluable".

"She constantly turned around to look at a koala on a back, new all did not try to remove it from herself, allowing the kid to embrace herself".

As the koala appeared on Asha's back – a big riddle. As the kid was still absolutely little, most likely, he and his mother missed each other and lost each other.

"I think, he dropped out of a mother's bag and did not know what to do next. Therefore he accidentally came to us on a porch where he saw our sleeping dogs. Then the kid, probably, also decided to embrace strong Asha and to get warm in her tyoploysherst".

"Asha saved to him life, having allowed to get to itself on a back. He would not survive, having stayed overnight in the cold forest one. Except cold, there is one more danger trapping it there, are foxes and other predators".

photo: boredpanda.com

Kerry says that it was hard to separate a couple, the kid of a koala was very dissatisfied with the plan to remove it from a warm back and even terribly hissed when it was transported in a warm blanket. But now he's fine. It was examined by the veterinarian, and then it went to the new house where will stay until grows up enough to return to the wild nature.

"If we undertook nothing, then, I think, the koala simply and overslept all day at Asha on a back. But it was very interesting incident. It precisely will hardly meet somewhere, except Australia".


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