• Sep 20, 2019

The Labrador and 9 other breeds of dog can appear in the list of "dangerous" dogs. And in public places of a dog will have to appear in muzzles.

Such "list" is on a statement in city council of the city of Dorval (this city is located in the southwest of the Province of Quebec, in the western part of the island Montreal in Canada).

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If to accept" the document, then to pit bull terriers, Rottweilers, boxers, Dobermann terriers, German shepherds, bulldogs, huskies, the chow-chow, mastiffs and Labradors will need to wear surely a muzzle in public places. It is possible to avoid this measure only in the presence of the reference from the veterinarian that the dog is not aggressive.

Many residents against a new measure. For example, 25-year-old Joan Vafer published the post devoted to this law on Facebook and urged locals to complain in city council.

Mara Welch organized a meeting of residents Dorval which opposed the new law.

We will note, two women managed to draw public attention on this matter. And the municipal council postponed the solution of an ambiguous question for time.

The new meeting of council is appointed to October 21 with the purpose to establish the general safety rules which will not be directed to discredit of concrete breeds of dog.

And how you consider whether it is necessary to approve lists of dangerous breeds of dog for safety and to oblige owners to muzzle on pets?

And whether there are bases to enter in the list of dangerous breeds of a Labrador?

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