• Oct 30, 2020

Once upon a time there was a doggie. Compact, fluffy, myagenky, black, kind metis of a dachshund. He was and remains the good friend, will always support and will understand and when it is sad — will console, will begin to play the fool, will rub the nose cold exactly until on a human face, hotly and faithfully loved by it, the smile does not appear.

For 8 years he understood what is family what is life, an order, cleanliness. There were the house habits, the way of life was built, the sensibleness and understanding came, there was a character. Finally Chris became the full member of family who was respected and appreciated, and he reciprocated.

But all this life and the cozy world which Chris together with family was tremblingly built for years was cruel illusion. Once his already former parents went to a business trip. Chris had to be sent for overexposure. "Well, nothing, everything will get better soon" — the dog thought, reconciled to the temporary house and waited when he hears a sound of the motor of the familiar car. But for Chris did not arrive neither in couple of days, nor in a week, nor even in a month. Overexposure ended, the guy had to be sent to a shelter. He became "refusenik" who was deliberately forgotten on overexposure.


Вы ask figcaption id="caption-attachment-29310" at what here teeth? Here and we do not know. But it was the only version which occurred to volunteers. The started stone on some teeth exuded not a really pleasant smell. Teeth cured completely, and on health silt in behavior the kid has no other defects. It is a pity that such miracle vanishes. Perhaps to it still will carry to be favourite?! Chris looks for the house!

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