• Sep 8, 2020

the French bulldog found the Girl of breed on the street. And, apparently, this story, unfortunately, typical. But this girl, probably, had the last chance to survive.


Ее found 100 vw late evening. Declared a call on social networks in local volunteer group that the dog needs to be brought urgently even not to one, or perhaps and to several veterinary clinics. Its critical condition. And this haste was vain. The condition of a dog was alarming. The girl could not breathe and move fully. She was in extreme degree of exhaustion. The size of her edges surpassed even the head size, so it was exhausted.

After detailed survey it was found out: the girl has a number of the most difficult diseases. She has problems with digestive tract. Food at first simply-not easy were not digested, were not late in a stomach. Besides at a bulldog bronchitis. The dog could not sleep lying because in this situation she was overtaken by attacks. The baby was defined in clinic where put droppers, prescribed medicine, carried out procedures.


После all this was succeeded to restore work of a stomach. Progress is still insignificant, but the fact that the dog does not spit out food any more, and detains her, receiving energy, already pleases. Besides the baby behaves well. She is full of enthusiasm, a positive, gains strength and everywhere to seek to keep up literally with the person. The girl only just becomes on paws, but her worthy desire is already felt will recover or to lower symptoms, well and, of course, to find the best friend. The sociable and tender girl will be extremely glad to those who will want to support a buldozhka!

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