• Dec 28, 2018


Literally the other day the owner of two dogs, Ash from England, almost lost the favourites after the unpleasant incident.

Having come home, Ash saw that dogs are in an awful state: Shook Cobi, his eyes were glass, and Cleo by that moment already fainted. Ash noticed the devastated ballot box in which compost is usually stored in a corner. Dogs ate considerable quantity of the decaying potato remains.

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photo: metro.co.uk

Having understood that there was something very bad, Ash hurried to bring pets to clinic.


In process of rotting of food, the growing mold can make connections under the name mycotoxins. We learned to use some of them in our advantage as, for example, penicillin. But others can be very dangerous both for people, and for animals.

Cleo and Cobi got poisoned with such toxins. Antidote for them does not exist.


In this case the way out was one – to render the various help to organisms of dogs until toxins are removed. Only time could show whether dogs will cope with such test which fell to their lot.

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photo: metro.co.uk

Ash remembers: "At once to me even advised to say goodbye to them as it was unclear whether they will be able to endure it".

"To me were called early in the morning and reported that danger behind. It is impossible to describe simplification which I then felt".

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