• Jan 27, 2020

Probably, love to animals wakes up in the early childhood. At me precisely was so) — I still fed with the child on streets of dogs and cats what the set of amusing stories is connected with. For example, I elicited in the market sausage for animals, saved mice, baby birds and bugs, brought all home)).

I the is become more senior by you, the situations which require the solution are more serious. Now I and my family we help animals. On three houses at us 12 pets, at the same time a half of them came or were saved.

So, to us cats with a frostbite or injuries from people and cars, the winged birds or pigeons by which tied legs came.

Someone we lost

… but there is a wish to tell happy stories. For example, we left and attached not one brood of kittens, and every time is so a pity to leave them, give with tears as baby. We redeemed puppies and gave them free of charge in a good charge.

Happened, blocked the carriageway that there passed ducks or to save a hedgehog. Attached dogs who were lost or thrown out from the car by owners.

I now when send us photos of these animals in new houses, in the loving families, it is invaluable! When you see any more not intimidated animal, and the favourite full member of family! Sometimes, slightly become impudent, gained weight!)))

Animal is responsibility, this is the family member, and it would be desirable that people did not forget about it. I treat the pets as to children — I worry when are ill I rejoice when they are glad. At me with always a forage for animals. All my family where we would not be, feeds up street kids. For example, the father went all winter to the dacha that animals who were thrown there were not gone, and mother goes to feed every morning local cats!) At my brother a gift to attach animals, and the husband is able to process wounds and to give injections.

During this time I got acquainted with many new good people who are ill the same. And even opened the same aspiration to help animals in the acquaintances. Many thanks that all of you are!

I am glad, as our candy store Cakes.ru can help animals.

So we organized an auction from which money spent for a forage for overexposure. With the cofounder Anastasia, found new families for kittens who lost mother. We help with realization of cards, means from which sales also go to the help to the thrown animals. We plan the organization and holding charitable master classes.

U us a children's candy store, and we very much hope that children will follow an example of us and also to love dumb animals. As I already spoke, the love to animals wakes up in the early childhood).

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