• Dec 22, 2018

the Appearance of some animals misleads: they look quite harmlessly and it is even lovely. But severe conditions of the habitat force even the most charming in appearance animals to behave is unpredictable. In the nature there are at least 10 darlings of animals with frightening habits — better to be careful of these representatives of fauna for the sake of own safety.

10 darlings of animals with frightening habits

Stinging and poisonous

Fish Fugue

Fish the fugue opens the list of dangerous animals. Round and lovely by sight, in case of danger it is capable to be inflated, exposing huge thorns. But it only prevention — poison is in fish . Having swallowed such being, the predator receives a dose of toxic agent, in one thousand times big, than a portion of cyanide.

Eating poisonous insects, frogs poison dart frogs become extremely toxic. Many years ago archers even covered with poison of these amphibians tips of the arrows.

Primacy Fat Lory

One more dangerous look — a primacy the fat lory masking the color under a poisonous cobra. The poisons which are contained in glands on paws of these animals are capable to kill any who will decide to enter a fight with a lory.

Also the meeting with a duck-bill will be dangerous. Modest by sight creation is capable to stick into a body of the enemy of a spur , being on forepaws.

The mammal uses the weapon not only in trans-species fight, but also during the marriage period, trying to assert the right for pairing.

Unusual self-defense

The African prickly mouse — an animal with huge shining eyes. In case of danger the mouse dumps skin to be released from a grasp of a predator.

In several days the integument is completely regenerated. The rodent got so unusual way of protection during evolution.


Also the dolphins loved by many differ in Agressivey behavior. These social animals become the real monsters during the marriage period. Males of butylkonosy dolphins fight with competitors, leaving huge wounds on their skin.

On it the paradoxical behavior of dolphins does not come to an end. To force a pregnant female to copulate, the male can pursue her until she does not give rise. After that aggressive "boyfriend" kills a cub, thereby depriving a female of an opportunity to care for the kid. Deprived of posterity, she is ready to make contact again.

Aggression in fauna

Frightening habits can be observed even at the loveliest types of animals. strike Most of them with the unpredictability:


Snail moon

  1. Sea otter . Fluffy animals, floating, having undertaken paws, at all are not so lovely as they seem. Males are capable to take hostage own children, demanding from females food as repayment.
  2. Duck . During pairing the aggressive behavior to an attention object is characteristic of birds. During evolution at males even the genital which is covered with thorns now changed. Pairing of ducks reminds mutual torture, and bodies of females underwent changes.
  3. Snail moon . The mollusk is capable to exhaust from any sink even representatives of own look. For this purpose he uses the proboscis starting hydrochloric acid under an armor of the victim. The snail drinks the dissolved soft fabrics as if juice through a tubule.

Evolution created the unique animal species combining lovely appearance and the most dangerous habits. However there is nothing strange in it: only need to survive forces to become dangerous animals.

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