• Jan 15, 2020

our world is pretty often crowded with sad stories about animals whom owners left absolutely alone, homeless and food. Even despite all efforts of various shelters and the organizations for the help to quadrupeds, such cases, unfortunately, do not become less.

So quite recently ten thrown puppies at the age of about 5 weeks were found. All of them were dirty, suffered from problems with worms and needed the help of not indifferent people.

Photo: boredpanda.com

But among these kids there was a girl who drew attention to herself most. The baby was called Cinnamon because its unusual ears wrapped inside well very much remind roll with cinnamon.

Photo: boredpanda.com

The reason of such interesting form is unclear, but the fact remains: Cinnamon ears the loveliest on Earth! Probably, they also helped it to find so quickly loving house in which there live 3 more remarkable dogs.

Photo: boredpanda.com
Now to Cinnamon of 8 weeks, and she forgot long ago about that terrible situation from which it was saved. She enjoys life in new family and raises on the faces of owners a smile the small twirled ears every day.

Photo: boredpanda.com
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