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of the Cat always caused some awe in people and were considered sacred animals, helpers of evil spirit. Attribute them supernatural abilities and ability to affect health of owners. What do cats differ from other animals in?

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10 amazing facts about cats

  1. It is considered that cats "collect" negative energy, clean it and give back, that is carry out a role of some kind of filters of the power field and keeps positive balance in the house.
  2. Aura of a cat reaches 50 meters and more (while aura of the person – only 1 meter). Cats interact with aura of the owner and for this reason know when he comes back home, still before the person enters the house.
  3. Because the cat absorbs negative energy, a biofield charge at her negative too. Therefore murlyk often adore sitting in places which, apparently, have to frighten off them: at the computer, the TV and other electric devices.
  4. Many are sure that cats feel if the evil spirit lodged in the house, they live in two worlds at once: both real, and astral. It is shown that sometimes the small animal attentively watches something, invisible to a human eye.
  5. Cats like to communicate with the people having magic abilities and feel people who have a strong power. With strong negative power the cat can aggressively treat the person: to hiss, hide, and even to attack.
  6. Many owners are convinced that cats treat them. Also it is noticed that often the favourite lays down on that place on the owner's body which hurts. However sometimes it costs much to pets – the cat can get sick.
  7. It is considered that the red cat brings prosperity and love to the house. These solar animals can be the best doctors best of all neutralize negative energy. In addition, the red cat can attract wealth to the house. There is a belief that the lonely woman should not get a cat. But it is possible to take a cat in the house, especially red – and she will help to find the soulmate quicker.
  8. the Black cat – destiny of luckies and optimists. It is considered that the black cat increases what is already available in the house of its owner, so if you are lucky, then with the advent of a black cat good luck will make you the favourite forever.
  9. the Grey cat helps to frighten off ill-wishers and to take away damage and is your reliable defender from troubles.
  10. the Three-colored cat – a universal source of happiness and wellbeing. Some believe that three colors of a cat help to harmonize all power streams.

To trust in all this or not – it is unconditional, to solve to you. One is undoubted: whatever color there was your cat, she precisely your happiness!

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