• Jan 5, 2019

Scientists found out that for some animals the world moves in a slowed-up way. It is connected with other perception of time in comparison with the person.


People have a clear idea of what is day, week, month, giving a certain concept to any period, understanding that it is possible to be in time for such term and what cannot be reached for the established period of time.

At dumb animals the organism is arranged absolutely in a different way.

For Some Animals the World Moves in a Slowed-up Way

Full understanding of duration this or that period of time is peculiar only to the person. But for some animals the world moves at slow rate.

What types of living beings perceive a current of time differently:

  • dumb animals (cats, dogs and other mammals);
  • insects, which life term the shortest.

There are versions the nasekomoobrazny, living only one day.

For Some Insects the World Moves in a Slowed-up Way

For day of people can make the simple things which are not changing the course of events. A some insects of all live per day the whole life breaking suddenly therefore the world for them moves in a slowed-up way.

the Modern science does not allow to glance in a brain of such beings , having understood all nature of a similar phenomenon to experience as they perceive time. But it is possible to say safely that their perception completely differs from human.

Scientists assume that evolutionary processes and the developed mechanisms of processing of touch information at different living beings become the reason for that.

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