• Mar 10, 2020

All who ever never passed by the dogs thrown in a shelter will not be able to forget any of them any more. Each animal who remained to the mercy of fate is the whole tragedy.

Margo has standard history of the foundling. It was found by volunteers thrown with little puppies. On Margo there was a collar. The dog responds to caress of the person, quiet, kind, patient. Even knows several teams. Modest and not impudent. Shows the best dog manners. On these signs it is possible to understand that Margo once was the real favourite in someone's family. What went not so, it is unknown.


Может to be, pregnancy of a dog raised huge doubts and alarm at owners. Those decided to say goodbye to everything dog a brood and turned Margo out. From now on the dog was provided to herself and independently had to look for means for existence to the children.

It was very difficult. Mother tried very much, but nothing was impossible. To that many people are extremely skeptic to stray dogs. Nobody knows and wants to learn that he happened in life of a dog what history at it, whether constitutes it danger …


Все it does not concern Margo at all. Very sensitive and tender girl got to a shelter and obediently waits for the owner. Perhaps, without having realized everything up to the end, waits for former family. But so far it is hopeless. I will not look for Margo former people. Let's hope that again will fall in love with Margo and will show what is the real family which will never and under no circumstances leave an animal to the mercy of fate.


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