• Jan 29, 2020

Married couples which have a dog about 100 times a year swear because of that whose turn to conduct it on walk. In the research the Lintbells company reports about it. And adult owners of dogs not less than 4 times a month try to give obligations for walking of pets to the children.

From the interviewed owners of dogs of 23% consider that those made them more sociable. Another 16% of manufacturers found new friends thanks to the pets. On average for walk the owner of a dog talks to the colleagues twice. At the same time a third of owners reported that they thanks to the pets began to move more. For comparison: three quarters of not having dogs complain that they would like to increase the physical activity. Another 46% of respondents with pleasure would go to walk if they had a pet.

"Dogs is a good way to increase the social and physical activity. Walks with them are a good alternative to sports activities", – it is noted in a research.

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